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Currently, Eng. Sami is a PhD researcher of Artificial Intellegence in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the University of Sheffield, UK. He is also a professional full stack developer including long experiences in Database systems, web & mobile development, and Machine Learning (ML) applications and He built many software apps in several industries including Healthcare, Business, E-learning, and others. He has been working as a Lecturer of Software Engineering department in University of Business and Technology (UBT) for 9 years.

Developer & Lecturer

Master of Engineering at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan


or more Taught Students with 30+ Different Courses

Years of Academic Experience

Full Scholarship Awards

Years of Coding Experiencewith 15+ Programming Languages

Funded Research Programs

Conference and Certificates

Software Projects built from scratch

Coding Skills

Frontend: 100%
Python: 95%
Mobile: 75%
Hardware: 50%
Database: 100%
Linux: 85%
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence in
    Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Machine Learnint
  • Healthcare Applications

Research Experience & Skills

  1. abstract
    I am a co-author in a research funded by 250,000 SAR (£50,000) with a research group (5 PhDs including 2 Professors) from University of Jeddah (Saudi). The research suggests a system that uses Internet Of Things (IoT) integrating with drone in Food Logistics Management(FLM). I wrote the major part of the proposal including abstract, literature review, methodology and project design. We are going to publish very soon (Augest 2022) targeting 3 articles in ISI Jornal.
  2. I am a co-author in a research that of involving dron and Crowd Management which is under proccess.
  3. A research project of examining soft ear biometrics for human identification using Machine Learning. Currently, We are in the implementation phase and I am contributing the coding parts. Most probably we will publish on Feb 2023.
  4. Master Thesis: Expermimental Study of executing Database opertions using paralle computing by exploiting the Graphic Proccessor (GPU).
  5. Best Poster award in 2nd research symposium in University of Business and Technology (UBT), Automated Configured Router For Controlling WiFi Sharing For Internet Guests. (2017)
  6. Presenter of Workshop in How to Write Successful Proposal. (Click)
  7. Workshop in How to Make a Scientific Poster. (Click)
  8. Workshop in Design Thinking in UBT. (Click)
  9. Workshop in LEAN Startup Methodology in UBT. (Click)



2022 - Present: Progressing PhD Course in Computer Science

The University of Sheffield, UK

PhD student working on Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) in Natual Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieva (IR)
My research topic helps many researchers specially who are in medical fields to achieve thier Systematic Review task in a faster way by the hlep of the Machine Learning.

2009 - 20012: Master of Engineering & Computer Science

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan

30 Credit hours including Master desertation. Master thieses was about execute Database opertions using paralle computing by exploiting the Graphic Proccessor (GPU).

Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), Makkah, Saudi Arabia

165Credit hours in Computer Engineering including many Hardware courses in Computer Archiecture, Computer Design, Networking, and Robotics, as well as Software courses such as Programming, Database, and web development.


A solution of online store system build from scratch using Python-Flask framework integrated with MySQL. The system includes administration panel to manage different type of users, products, reports, and history log.

A solution of e-learning system that computerizing the Course Learning Outcome (CLO) assessments. It built with the respect of ABET & NCAAA accreditation framework.

A prototype of automated door locking system using machine learning (ML) of facial recognition. Machine is learned using tenswer flow model.

A task of merging database system that is distributed in two versions in two separate data centers. This is a took a year of reverse engineering analysis plus 2 months of task implementation.

A solution E-learning system dedicated for Academic Institutes where assisting them to computerize exams sheets over network using clients-server technique. The system is flexible, reliable, customizable, and applicable for many alternative exam styles.

Professional Experience

  • Achieved many small and intermediate software projects related to web and mobile development using Laravel, Python, Flask, Django, and others.
  • Lead online software team using professional software code management tools such as Github.
  • Worked as a DevOps consultant.

University of Business and Technology (UBT), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Teaching 30+ different courses related to SE including Programming, Databases, Web & Mobile Develpment and others.
  • Couching student to participate in many programming competitions (Hackathons) locally and internationally such as IEEEXtreme Competition.

University of Business and Technology (UBT), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Creating IT solutions including creating an academic quality system for accreditation.
  • Merging two duplicated database systems into single centeral data center.

University of Business and Technology (UBT), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Supervising Participants in Hackathon Jeddah for Programming and AI 2021
  • Trainer for Participating in IEEEXtreme Programming Competition. 2016 and 2018. We have achieved a competable socre (3rd over Saudi)

Umm-Alqura Unicersity, IT Center, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

  • Working on ERP system and advising HR system
  • Developing Database & Web integration

GAMA software development organization

  • Decision maker and analyst of software requirements
  • Software Quality Testing and Evaluation

IT department in United Naghi Co. Ltd

  • Implementing full-stack project of workflow system

FAL company,


He mainly worked alone and created a test bed system by himself. It means that he is suited to be a researcher. In addition, he is bright and has enthusiasm not only for his research theme but also for other related areas, such as fundamental algorithm design and parallel processing with GPGPU. (2012)

Professor Jun Miyazaki

School of Information Science

Mr. Alfattany is a talented person. He is intelligent and hardworking. Moreover, he tries to do the assigned job as perfectly as possible. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending him for higher studies. I am confident he would perform quite well in his graduate studies. (2007)

Dr. Khalid Alhindi

Head of Computer Eng. Dept.

Sami is an ambitious student and eager to learn, he applies his analytical skills to his work, something that is evident in his questions during and after lectures. Sami's excellent programming skills are visible is all the projects that he submitted, especially in MATLAB and C++. (2007)

Dr. Anas Basalamah

Assistant Professor

Mr. Sami Alfattany is a hard worker student. I found him a conscientious, keen and energetic young man. I am confident that, given proper opportunity, he will do well in any place. (2007)

Dr. Hamzah Ghulman

Vise Dean, Collage of Eng.



Apartment 30, Atlantic One, 16 St. Georges Close
Sheffield, S3 7AN
United Kingdom

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